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Out From Behind the Laundry Pile

When it’s time to get back to the other parts of you

After your high school years, you most likely went on to college, internships, or other training programs pertaining to the career you aspired to pursue. Somewhere alone the way, you met your super hot, makes you laugh, best friend, companion for life, husband.

Kids came along and you decided to homeschool…great choice!

You went through the feeling of not sure where to begin, the overwhelm at all the possibilities, the doubt, the questions, the uncertainties, the endless questions about socialization, the excitement, nervousness, etc.

As the days and years went on, you figured things out and discovered the flow that works best for your home – and most likely have made a couple of adjustments to the flow as you flowed through the seasons of life.

Now you are buried under a pile of books and laundry and are realizing a new season is upon you.

Your kids are a bit older now and , while they still need your guidance in school and life, they are becoming more and more independent.

This leaves you with time to wonder, “What was it I was going to do with my life??” and “Do I even know who I am anymore? I seem to have lost a piece of myself along the way”, and, “Is it ok for a homeschool Mom to strive for more than “just” homeschooling?” You may also be wondering if you’ll have to give up homeschooling and how you’ll fit this other part of you into the flow of your family.

Well, I have good news for you! You figured out how to incorporate homeschool into your family flow, and you can figure this out too! Shout out, “I got this!” Because you do. Not convinced? Shout it out again.

Momma, it’s time to come out from behind that laundry pile, it will ALWAYS be there, amiright?!

When God created you in your mother’s womb, He had plans for you. Homeschooling is in that plan, and the other parts of you are in that plan too.

Take a minute or two and write down 10 things you like to do, including and outside of the homeschool realm. If you enjoy folding all that laundry, write it down!

Looking at this list, what gets you the most excited? Circle your top three. Is laundry still hanging around?

From these three, put a star next to one that is a skill that others would be blessed to have your knowledge, expertise, service, etc available to them. I can tell you most young Moms I know would love to have someone take care of their laundry for them.

This is where you can begin your journey in this new season of homeschool life.

Yes, this is a season of homeschool life. Eventually your kids will be grown, graduated, and out of the house. Where will this leave you? Beginning the steps to having your own income, service, product, career, etc. now will prepare you for life when the nest is empty.

Bonus! Think of the life skills your kids will see and learn and they see their ultracool, awesomesauce, boss babe Momma go after her dreams AND love on her family as only she can!!

I’m pumped! Are you?

Do you need another dose of encouragement?

Read Proverbs 31 with fresh eyes. This woman may seem like she does all the things all day everyday without complaint, fatigue, or struggle, but look closer. She started with one skill, perfected it and got it running smoothly, then rolled that into another skill which she perfected and got running smoothly, then added another, etc., etc.

The Proverbs 31 woman’s story isn’t there to add stress or guilt, it’s there to guide. She had different seasons in her life, and used each one to honor God by using the gifts He gave her, honor her husband by being his other half that uplifted him and got after it each day, and bless others with her talents, experience, and expertise.

You know you love your kids and you love homeschooling, even on the crazy days. You don’t have to give that up that life, you just add more value to it; another piece to the story of your life.

If you are still having some doubt or maybe aren’t sure what you’re good at anymore (I was totally there a few years ago!), ask friends and family to describe you in one word. Write down their answers and look over that list. People see greatness and value in you. It’s time to see it in yourself.


Pam Spinker

I help Christian homeschool moms, just like you, thrive in your home and in your walk with Christ. If you question your abilities, or feel like you’re drowning in homeschooling, you’re in the right place! 

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