Hi, I'm Pam!

I’m a wife, homeschooling Mom of 6, author, leader, speaker, and Daughter of the King of Kings!

I spent over a decade of my life living how others said I was “supposed” to live. I traded living in the freedom God intends for us, for a life that pleased others. I felt a stirring that was calling me to more than the daily routine. There’s more to life than housework and a job, right?! We were created for freedom!

I began to understand that God creates us with gifts that reflect His character. We are meant to use those gifts to live a life of freedom: freedom in Christ, in our wellness, and to bless the lives of ourselves and others.

I call this Finding Your Purple Hair – your way of expressing your uniqueness and using your voice for the world to see.

Why “Purple Hair”? You’ll have to grab my guide to see!

Can you relate to living life as others say you are “supposed” to? Do you feel the stirring in your heart that you were created for more than the never-ending laundry pile or the 9-5 that keeps you away from those you love, in order to fulfill someone else’s dreams?

You’re in the right place!

I’m blessed and honored to come alongside you in your journey to find your freedom; to Find Your Purple Hair.

Your freedom is calling!

Pam Spinker Find Your Purple Hair


Helping homeschool Mom’s
find freedom in Christ.


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