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Dealing With, “I’m Bored”

These two little words can strike fear into the heart of any Mom. Especially during the summer months.

But don’t worry, being bored is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be a great opportunity to allow you and your child to use your imaginations! Kids – and adults – need to use the creative parts of their brains to help keep our minds healthy, active, and fresh.

Life can sometimes fall into so much routine, that, even if we have something to do, it isn’t appealing and leads to boredom.

So, embrace the bored! Let your imagination run!

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the imagination started, especially if we are used to being “plugged in” all the time.

So, here are some ideas to get your started. Some are from our own family experience, and some are from a book called A Mother’s Manual for Summer Survival, by Kathy Peel and Joy Mahaffey.

For littles:

Play dough – can easily be made; look online for a recipe. If you have essential oils in the home, add a few drops for extra scented fun

Butcher paper – grab a roll of butcher paper and roll it out on a table or the floor. Grab crayons, markers, or paint, and let the kids create pictures, come up with a story told through drawings, play tic tac toe, etc

Sidewalk chalk – pick some up next time you’re out, and let the kids draw, write positive messages in neighbors’ driveways, draw hopscotch squares, etc

Tea Party – grab teh stuffed animal friends and the siblings, along with some yummy snacks and a beverage to have as your “tea”

Car Races – grab a bucket of cars and have races down the hallway

Legos or other building blocks


File Folder Games – this was a favorite in our home!

For the older kids:

Crafts – supplies and kits can be found at craft stores, online, or see what you have around the house to get creative with

Field Trips – libraries often have passes to places like local zoos, museums, etc Look for them and schedule a time to visit over the summer. You can also do spur of the moment trips to the pool, a friend’s house, the store to grab craft supplies, etc

Scavenger Hunts – come up with your own, have the kids come up with one for you to follow, or look up some adventures online. Video scavenger hunts are fun too!

Mad Libs – find some online, have MadLib books available in the home, or have the kids take turns coming up with their own story, leaving blanks to fill in with random, silly words

This is a fun section in the book…Things to do with a Box!

Cut along the edges to lay the box flat and use as a canvas for art work

Turn it into a car, submarine, plane, spaceship, etc

Make a doll house

Put several boxes together to create a home, a fort, a city, or a town. Allow the kids to decorate their homes and town.

Create a robot costume with different size boxes

Make a dog house. It might not be super sturdy and long-lasting, but it will keep them occupied and let creativity flow…or make the house for stuffed animals, which will last longer.

Again, these are just some ideas to get your imagination started.

Don’t be afraid of boredom, embrace it, and utilize it!


Pam Spinker

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