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When it comes to who we look up to, who we follow, and who we choose as our mentors, there are myriad options. Some will be people we know and interact with in a one-on-one or group setting, and others will be “secret” mentors who we have never met in person, but who we follow via their books, social media, etc.

In your decision making on who to follow and listen to, be sure to include some of these #BeLike people from Scripture. Their stories are in the Bible for a reason 😉

Be like:

Abel who gave a favorable offering to the LORD and was called righteous and “still speaks to us though he is dead”. You can find his story in Genesis 4

Noah who was righteous and blameless in a world full of wicked hearts. He received the instructions from God to build an ark to rescue him and his family from an upcoming flood that would wipe out all life on Earth. Given that he lived in an area that saw little rain – and possible had never seen rain as some scholars believe – and was filled with wicked hearts, he most likely was mocked, called names, and made fun of; he obeyed anyway because he lived for an audience of One. You can find his story in Genesis 6-9

Enoch who walked faithfully with God for 300 years and was taken away; he did not experience death. You can find his mention in Genesis 5: 21-24

Job who lost everything and everyone in his life, had everyone in his ear about what he should do and how he should act, and still God knew he would remain faithful. You can find an entire book of the Bible about him in between the book of Esther and Psalms

Abraham who obeyed when God told him to pack up everything and go to a land that was undisclosed to Abraham at the time he left. He also was given a son in his old age (90), was willing to sacrifice this son in obedience to God who told him to do it in order to teach Abraham about what was to come (God stopped him by the way). Abraham was promised descendants too numerous to count, and is the father of our faith. You can learn more about him in Genesis 11-25

Joseph who was his father’s favorite, and therefore became the recipient of his brothers’ jealousy. He was sold as a slave to a caravan coming through town and became a servant in Pharaoh’s house. Pharoah’s wife found him attractive, made the moves on him, and he refused to give in. She then accused him of attacking her, landing Joseph in prison. His ability to interpret dreams eventually gets him out of prison and placed in a high rank in Egypt, where he oversaw the storing of grain during the 7 years of abundance, in preparation for the 7 years of drought. This, in time, allowed him to be reunited with his father and brothers. You can read about him in Genesis 37-50

Jacob who struggled with God and humans and overcame; “Jacob” means “one who deceives”, which is a fitting name for one who deceived his father, Isaac, and his brother, Esau, so he could inherit the birthright meant for the oldest son (Esau). He eventually gets his name changed to “Israel”, which means “wrestles with God” – appropriate given the history of the Israelites, God’s chosen people. You can read about him in Genesis 25-50; his story overlaps with Joseph since he is Joseph’s father.

Moses who was born in a time when Pharoah ordered all Hebrew baby boys to be killed. He was spared, nursed for a time, then sent in a basket along the Nile river by a Mother whose heart prayed this was the option that would provide him a life somehow. He was discovered by Pharoah’s daughter and cared for in Pharoah’s palace. As a young adult he witnessed an Egyptian beat a Hebrew; in his anger over witnessing this act, he killed the Egyptian, not knowing their was a witness to his actions. He flees the palace into the surrounding villages. He stays there, marries, and one day as he is tending to his daily tasks, is summoned by God, present in a burning bush, to return to Egypt to free God’s people. His story goes on and you can read all about it in the book of Exodus.

Joshua who lead the Israelites into the Promised Land and obeyed God’s commands as the Israelites took over the land God allotted to them. In his taking the city of Jericho, he obeyed God’s instructions to not fight to enter the city, but rather to march around its walls for six days blowing trumpets, with the 7th day making so much noise that the walls crumble down at the sound. You can read about Jericho and Joshua’s other God-driven accomplishments in the book titled with his name.

Rahab who was a prostitute that had heard of the strength of the Israelites and that it came from God. She kept herself and her family safe from harm during the Israelites’ take over of Jericho. She received this protection because she believed in what she heard about God and hid the spies that were sent to check out the city. She is in the lineage of Jesus. Read about her life in Joshua 2

Gideon who was called upon by God to destroy the Midianites who had stormed into Israelite land and destroyed all they knew. His account is in Judges 6

Barak who led 10,000 men, alongside Deborah, to defeat Sisera’s army. His story is found in Judges 4

Samson who was dedicated to the LORD even before his mother knew he was in her womb. He was raised in the tradition of the Nazarines, who did not shave their heads. He had great strength in his hair, and kept that strength until Delila deceived him into telling her the secret to his strength. With his strength gone, he went from mighty warrior to weak, just like that. You can discover more details about him in Judges 13

David who was a non-noticed shepherd bot after God’s own heart. He was chosen by God and anointed by Samuel. He defeated Goliath with just a sling and a stone and led Israel well, despite his sin with Bathsheba. He had ups and downs in his life and became the father of Solomon, the wisest, wealthiest man ever on Earth. You can read about David in 1 Samuel 16-2 Samuel 24

Daniel who was made a slave to the wicked Babylonian empire, made a eunich, and was expected to be so submerged in the Babylonian customs that he would lose his identity as a follower of God. He remained respectful to those in leadership without compromising his faith, and won favor in their eyes. He also had the gift of interpreting dreams and warned King Nebuchadnezzar and King Darius of their upcoming fate as men who mocked God and His people. You can read about him in the book of Daniel.

Isaiah who was a prophet who was fearless in bringing the revelations God gave him to the people. He spoke of Israel’s fall and Jesus’ time on here on Earth. You can read his prophesies in the book of Isaiah.

Ruth who remained faithful to her mother in law, even after her husband died, and returned with Naomi to Naomi’s homeland. She is obedient to do what Naomi tells her and Naomi is sure to provide Ruth with a husband so that she will be taken care of. She has an entire book, in her name, written about her journey of loyalty.

Esther who knew her heritage and knew her God and honored her uncle Mordecai who cared for her since her parents both passed away. She was brought in as a possible replacement to Queen Vashti who angered King Xerxes by having the audacity to refuse to be flaunted in front of his friends. Esther found favor in the eyes of Hegai, who oversaw the king’s harem. She was prepped with beauty treatments for a year and given advice from Hegai on how to win over the king. She did find favor with the king and eventually saved her people from being wiped from existence due to an angry, hateful Haman. You can read about her in the book of Esther.

Mary who was pledged to be married to Joseph when the angel Gabriel came to her and told her she would conceive, though she was a virgin, and give birth to the One who would be her Savior and our Savior. Luke does a great job relaying her story to us in his book.

Mary Magdaline who was plagued with evil spirits and gave up hope of ever having a normal life. Jesus saved her from her plague and she followed him as he went from town to town with His ministry.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. There are many, many more men and women spoken of in Scripture. As you read through the pages of God and mankind’s history on this planet, and what is still yet to come, ask for an open heart to find Biblical mentors for each season of your life.


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