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What God Says About You

What God Says About You

Taken from 1 Peter 2:9-10

We have many thoughts about ourselves, and consistently hear from others what they feel we ought to be, how we should act, etc. The noise of the lies and opinions can be deafening. We can choose to drown out and quiet that noise by turning up the Word of God, the One who created you. Who knows you better than He does?!

Want to know what God says about you? He calls you…

A chosen people – you are chosen by the King of Kings to be His daughter. You are part of a holy family that is to bring light to a dark world. He chose YOU sweet friend. You may sometimes feel like an outcast in this world; you will ALWAYS belong to Him.

A royal priesthood – as Christians, we are called to share the Gospel with others. While we are not part of the original 12 disciples, nor are we prophet from old, we are leaders in some capacity to those who do and do not know Him. You have influence over at least one person in your life. Your ministry begins with those closest to you and radiates out from there. Begin to be a light in your home, and watch the ripple effect into your community.

A holy nation – man-made nations tend to crumble; God’s nation never will. As we watch human freedoms being trampled in the world around us, we can be confident that as members of God’s nation, we have a much greater freedom that cannot be stripped from us. We can choose to not only have freedom, but also live in freedom.

God’s special possession – I could talk for hours on this subject! But I’ll keep it short and sweet here 😉 Sweet friend, do you have any idea how special you are to God? It can be difficult to put into words, yet somehow I always find a few. You were created in His image, which means you carry the characteristics of God inside you. You are so precious to Him that the thought of being separated from you for eternity cuts Him deeply, so He offers His Son to you as a lifeline. Jesus took every one of your sins upon Himself, and though He did nothing wrong, chose to accept the punishment of a criminal – and was treated far worse than most prisoners were at that time – so that His blood could be shed and wash you white as snow. Jesus intercedes on your behalf to the Father. It’s like the ultimate counselor being assigned to each of your cases. And so you would feel Him with you while you walk this planet, He gives you Holy Spirit to indwell you the moment you accept His gift of salvation. How special do you feel now?

Called out of darkness – you have heard the phrase, “in the world, but not of the world”. It stems from verses like John 15:19 “If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. S it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” When we choose to follow the path of the world, accept what the world accepts, and live as the world dictates, we are of the world and living in darkness. What the world views as making improvements end up falling flat and crumbling when these attempts are not based on the Word of God. The world is a dark place and everyone is searching for solutions. All solutions come from Chist. The “thing” that everyone feels they are missing and are searching for is Jesus. Some see it, some don’t. As a follower of Christ, you are called out of this darkness, and while we are living in this world, we should look different to the world. No matter what happens we can cling to the hope of Christ; we can act differently, and offer a better solution to the problems.You are in the light, and He sheds light on the evil of this world to you so you do not fall into its snare.

One who declares His praises – do you praise Him on the bad days as well as the good? It’s easy to sing songs, walk with a smile, and love on others when things are running smoothly. But how often do things run smoothly?! Life is a series of high and low seasons. We can choose joy no matter what comes our way when we choose to praise Him. We can be an example to others when we face tough circumstances, yet keep our faith in tact, continue to attend church, and continue to praise Him to other people. Someone questioning having a relationship with God could be greatly influenced by witnessing your consistent praising of the Lord. Declare His praises, sweet friend!

One who receives mercy – before you accepted salvation, you had not received mercy. Now, as a believer, you have received His mercy. You are covered by the blood of Jesus. Does this mean you are perfect? No. Does this mean you can do whatever you want because He will forgive you? No. It does mean that when mistakes are made, you do not lose your salvation. Once you accept Him you cannot lose Him, unless you purposely and outright declare and reject Him. Since you have not rejected Christ, you have mercy upon you. Live in the freedom of knowing you are covered.

Are you ready to put on your new identity in Christ? Write these titles God gives you on colorful notecards and place them around the house, car, purse, etc.


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