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Confessions of a Homeschool Mom (part 6)

Part 6 of 6

#9 I make mistakes

How many times do we look at social media or talk to another mom and assume she has it all together? Like she has some secret sauce that we have yet to discover.  We make up this picture of other moms like they are perfect and never mistakes; like their kids are excited to get up everyday and do Math, Science, and Writing, and happily do their chores because she created a Pinterest worthy Responsibility Chart.

She’s not magic. She doesn’t have a yet-to-be-discovered-by-you secret. She makes mistakes too. She has bad days and days she wants to call it quits. Just.Like.You.

There was a time when I felt my home had to look a certain way in order to be a successful homeschool Mom. The house needed to be clean 24/7 (doesn’t work so well with 6 kids running around), the school schedule needed to be up and followed to a tee, meals needed to be 100% homecooked, with a magnificent meal on the table every night at 6:00pm. My kids should never ever fight with each other, nor should they ever complain about school or house work.

This drained me.

Who was I doing all this for anyway? Where did these ideas come from?

It comes from false perceptions. It comes from social media. It comes from television shows (why do we believe tv shows?? Why do we allow them to tell-a-vision of what they think we should be?). It comes from others only allowing us to see the polished side of themselves and their family.

Lord, forgive me for making another Mom feel less than by putting on a false impression of what our life is like.

Women all around me thought I had it all together. My house was “always” clean – this is because I knew when they were coming and tornado-cleaned the home. My school schedule was impressive – that only caused me stress because #reallife, babies and toddlers don’t always cooperate when it’s time to help a sibling with Math.  I made sure everything I brought to gatherings was homemade, and even used to make my own bread – I still do prefer homemade over store bought, I just have helpers now, and sometimes Costco goodies are easier to bring to a party than squeezing in special cooking time.

When it hit me that I was putting on a false front so others would wow over my motherhood, guilt slapped me in the face. What was I doing to my fellow women?

My house isn’t always clean, clean, but because our kids are older it is picked up every day. Our to-the-minute schedule is now a block schedule. And we already talked about my appreciation for Costco goodies, but when I want homemade, I either find the time or pass it off to my husband or one of the kids – they like to do these things too.

What about you? What face do you allow the world to see and what face do you hide? It’s time to let the authentic you shine!

#10 The teenage years are my favorite!

Yes, you read that right. I am LOVING having teenagers in our home!

Most people, when they find out we homeschool, ask if I do so through high school or if we put them in school at this point. I think highschool is the most important time to have your kids at home.

This is a time when they are coming into who they are and need the influence of you, your husband, and other trusted friends and family members to help guide them along the way. We don’t shelter our kids; they know what is happening in the world, we simply choose to have them spend their teen years in a safe environment. Personally, I don’t feel my years in a public high school made me any wiser or more street smart, I think it just confused me even more than I already was with those hormones surging through my body.

Homeschooling your kiddos through high school is like having them be a part of a mentorship. They get to see how you and your husband handle real world issues. They have the freedom to explore interests they have and test out careers. The ability to have a flexible schedule allows time for internships, going to work with a parent, friend, or family member who has a career your child may be interested in, and allows them to spend more time exploring their interests and who they are.

This stage of homeschooling also allows more freedom and self-responsibility than you find in a typical classroom. Our children have a say in the subjects they want to know more about and have the ability to choose when their school work is done. They also have more time for a job in order to save up for a car, insurance, cell phone, etc.

The best part of homeschooling through high school? Getting a front row seat to your son becoming a man, and your daughter becoming a woman!

I have no idea why I was nervous for this part of homeshooling. I can’t wait for our other kiddos to reach this stage!


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