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10 Things You Do Need To Homeschool

10 Things You Do Need To Homeschool

When you homeschool your children, you are not only responsible for their education, you are also concerned with directing their overall upbringing. Resources abound, and the over abundance of information can seem daunting. Sticking with these 10 suggestions for what you do need to homeschool, will help you keep your focus, and help you relax knowing you have the “main things” covered.

The Calling

Maybe you aren’t happy with how the schools operate or the content they are teaching. Maybe your child is unhappy at school, has anxiety every morning, and cries and begs you to allow them to stay home. Or maybe your kids have not yet entered the classroom, and what you are seeing and hearing from other parents is not easing your Momma heart when it comes to making education decisions for your little ones.

Whatever the case may be, some parents look at their current education situation and choose to stay in the school system and bring about positive changes; others choose to unenroll their kids from public school and opt for private or charter school; and still others choose to homeschool their children, whatever that homeschooling may look like.

Since you are reading this, I’m guessing you are either strongly considering, or have already decided to homeschool. You may have even already begun the journey and are feeling the doubtful thoughts that tend to creep in to every homeschool mom’s brain.

Wherever you are on the journey, you are on this journey because you were drawn to it; something appealed to you like no other option. You were called into homeschooling. 

This is a beautiful path to be called to!  You have the opportunity to obey where Christ is calling you and to direct the upbringing of your children. You are poised to meet your children where they are at, nurture their strengths, and bring up their weaker areas, in order to allow them to thrive in academics and in life. You can give them what they need, when they need it.

Homeschooling is calling…answer, sweet friend!

A Willing Heart

Homeschooling is not an endeavor entered into lightly. Once you hear the call you begin to look into all the “hows”, “whys”, and “what to do firsts”. 

Homeschooling will not consume your every waking moment, yet it truly can become your lifestyle. Every part of your day is a learning opportunity of some type, even when the books are not open. 

Homeschooling requires an investment of your time as you prepare, plan, replan, implement, and go through each day.

Turn your heart towards your family. Be willing to invest in your children and your home life. No matter what was learned from the “formal” schooling in the days ahead, the environment you create is what will stay with your children for the rest of their lives. 

Be willing. Be committed. Make it an awesome experience!

Love For Your Children

Parents don’t choose to homeschool just to have their kids with them 24/7. They homeschool because they love their children and have come to realize it’s the best option for their family. 

Do parents who send their children to school love their kids any less than you do? No! But you aren’t other parents. Your kids are not their kids. You have seen the need in your family to homeschool your kids, and your love for them compels you to move forward.

Your kids will be home with you for a good portion of the day. Make the most of it and love on them while they are under your roof. Time goes by so fast, and you want to create a home they want to come back to when they are grown and gone, and have a family of their own.

A Support System

While families aren’t always sure or on board with your choice to homeschool, you and your family still benefit from having a support system around you. It’s best when it’s family, but if they aren’t a source for help and encouragement, look to your friends and other families who homeschool. 

Find support/community groups near you and online. These are the best places to seek and give support, as other homeschooling families understand you the most.

Goals, Both Academic and Beyond the Books

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” (Proverb 29:18a). 

You may have just pulled your child out of school and just grabbed some work for them to do. That’s ok, it can be a great “for the moment” option.

Wherever you are on your journey, be sure you have goals for your marriage (yes, your marriage!), your children, your family, and yourself. And begin to consider what these goals should be through prayer first.

These goals, when it comes to homeschooling, should be both academic AND non-academic. Think character, life skills, service to others, etc

Homeschooling turns into a lifestyle, even when you weren’t expecting it. Take advantage of having your children as a captive audience under your care, and make time to nurture not only their knowledge, but their character as  well. Teach them what it means to be a follower of Christ; teach them how to interact with others; teach them how to “adult” so they aren’t at a loss when they leave your home.

What are some character traits you would like to see in your children? What is some academic knowledge you would like to see them retain? How do you want your children to communicate with other humans? How can you create an environment where they leave your home not just with knowledge, but also with wisdom?


You can have the most detailed schedule and make the best laid plans, and something will still come along to pull you off track.

This doesn’t mean you failed, and it doesn’t mean you are “homeschooling the wrong way”. It means that you have a life. 

Life will happen. Kids wake up grumpy, grandparents call for an impromptu trip to the zoo, the day is perfect to play at the park, etc.

Be flexible! Organization and goal setting is important and necessary; keep in mind that sometimes we are called to pivot and shift. It’s ok, you make the schedule. Allow space for the “last minute” and unexpected. Even in these moments your kids are learning.

Grace for yourself and your kids

This is an especially important concept as you research homeschooling and in your first year; it’s all new, so there is a lot to learn and consider. Give yourself grace as you adjust to the new flow of your home.

As you continue on in the journey, grace is needed during those moments or days when you didn’t quite get everything you’d hoped to accomplish done, or when you lost your patience during Math, or when it seems like your child is never going to master reading comprehension.

God gives you grace, freely as a gift. Accept this grace and extend it to yourself and your family.

Faith and Resolve

You have been called to homeschool. You have goals you created through prayer. You and your husband work as a team. You are making the decision that best fits your family.

Keep that in mind as you go along your homeschooling journey.

If God has called you to homeschool, He will equip you for the task. 

He has given you the big picture, and the smaller details for the moments.

Keep those in front of you on the great days and the “need a do-over” days.

Don’t give up!! You’ve got this!

Coffee and an Occasional Glass of Wine

This doesn’t need any explanation, lol! 

Enjoy a warm cup of coffee as you read your Bible in the morning. Get a blend that’s just for you; even if it costs a little more than the others. Enjoy your coffee time!

On occasion, enjoy a glass of wine to wind down at the end of a long day. You can love Jesus and enjoy the occasional glass.

The Ability to See and Focus on the Big Picture

This ties in with keeping faith in what you are doing. When you homeschool, and choose Christ as your foundation, you have Big Picture goals in mind. Homeschooling is more than just books for you and your family. Homeschooling is a calling and a lifestyle. Reminding yourself of this keeps you going year after year, culminating in your child graduating from your homeschool highschool. 

Be sure that as you and your husband pray about and make decisions for your family, that you communicate those goals to your kids, and even let them be a part of some decisions. Discussion and participation create space for everyone to take ownership of the lifestyle of the home.

Make a homeschool mission and vision statement and display it in the home where everyone can see and be reminding of why you are doing what you are doing. It will stick with you and your family for a lifetime.


Pam Spinker

I help Christian homeschool moms, just like you, thrive in your home and in your walk with Christ. If you question your abilities, or feel like you’re drowning in homeschooling, you’re in the right place! 

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