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Are you considering homeschool and don't know where to start?

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I’m Pam, I’m an 18 year, seasoned homeschool mom of six. I’ve had all the questions, felt the overwhelm and wondered too many times to count, “Am I messing up my kids?”

I get it! It can be a lot on your already full plate. But it is so worth it and you have a mentor right here.

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Pam Spinker Find Your Purple Hair

Pam Spinker

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Helping homeschool moms find their freedom & identity in Christ
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Do you question your ability as a mom?

Are you in a rut of daily activities as a mom, teacher, and wife?

Are you perpetually overwhelmed? Are you homeschooling and feel like you’re drowning? 

You’re a good mom, you love them so much. But sometimes it feels like you have no idea what you’re doing and you fear losing your own identity in the trenches of motherhood. 

I hear you. I see you. I am you!

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Find yourself and the freedom you are longing for!

You don't have to do it on your own!
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Helping you find clarity


Clarity on God's character, we are made in His image 


On discovering the miracle that you are


Finding your most prominent gifts and talents


Replacing false beliefs about yourself with the truth of God's word 


Connecting with a community of other homeschool moms who can share your struggles


Tips and Ideas of how to get through your daily grind in freedom and fun

What is "Find Your Purple Hair?"

After writing His Girl, I found a need for a journal/guide to dive deeper into discovering your uniqueness.

 Finding Your Purple Hair is a journey that begins the moment you realize that you are barely scratching the surface of who God created you to be.

For the homeschool mom, this journey can help you discover the skills you bring to the table in your homeschool, and it can help you step into your purpose when…

You realize you have been living your life in the background. You are hiding behind endless laundry piles, schoolbooks, and diapers. Volunteering your time moving someone else’s dreams into the foreground. You are ready to begin the journey of gaining clarity on who God created you to be. Finding the freedom to step into your uniqueness and start putting your gifts into action. 

Your “purple hair” is your way of showing the world who you are and having the self-confidence to be that person.

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What People Are Saying

“I loved this book!! What I really enjoyed most was you can feel the author’s love for Christ, her love for other women, and encouraging them to figure what their God-given gifts and talents are and to shine in them! Would definitely recommend this book to women of all ages!”

Yvette P.

“As I read Pam Spinker’s book, “His Girl”, I began to hear the words that Jesus wants me to hear. The book led me to understand more about the scriptures and what they mean to me and how special I am to Him. The companion guide book, “Finding Your Purple Hair”, opened my senses to building dreams for my future, and how Jesus is there every step of the way.  I would recommend these for any woman who is letting Satan tell her lies about herself when God is there with a stronger message of love and hope.”

Susan D.

“His Girl was such a blessing to read. From the moment you dive in, you feel a genuine connection with Pam’s story. What a great reminder and awesome encouragement of God’s love that is so very needed for women of all ages. In today’s world where most women struggle with self-worth, these reminders are a breath of fresh air. Thank you Pam for your heart to bless and serve women and for being faithful to your calling.”

Angie H.

Pam Spinker


Pam Spinker

I get it, I spent nearly a decade of my life hiding behind the never-ending pile of laundry, the homeschool duties, and the Mom checklists. I was leaving myself behind. I needed to reintroduce myself to me, and introduce myself to the world.

It’s time for the world to meet you, too!

Learn how you, as a homeschool Mom, can live your life in the freedom gifted to you through Christ. You are free to understand your Creator, in whose image you were made. Free to discover your uniqueness. Free to believe in yourself. Free to be the person God intends for you to be, without abandoning your homeschool journey.

I would love to connect with you to answer any questions you have about

  • Faith
  • Homeschooling
  • Motherhood
  • Freedom 
  • Natural Living

How May I Help You?

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